Program Reschedule

Due to the emergency public activity restriction (PPKM Darurat) policy in Java and Bali, some adjustments have to be done in relation to the technical preparations of The International Webinar & Workshop on Javanese Culture 2021.

Webinar 1 and Workshop 1 are rescheduled to respectively 7 and 8 August 2021.

Other sessions than the ones mentioned above are no subject to reschedule.

Zoom Meeting/Webinar Link

The invitation email containing the link for the event will be sent starting from one day before the event at 10 p.m.

This email will be sent directly by Zoom. It is not sent by the committee or our partner for ticket purchasing.

Should you not receive the email containing the link to the webinar or meeting, please contact us immediately at

The Palace of Yogyakarta, as the center of Javanese Culture, has been continuously preserving various forms of Javanese cultural expression passed down from its ancestors. The palace ensures that the richness of Javanese culture reaches a wider audience across generations.

Since 2019, The Palace of Yogyakarta has been hosting international symposiums on Javanese culture. The event is held alongside the anniversary of the accession to the throne (Tingalan Jumenengan Dalem) of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, which occurs every March 7. Amidst the pandemic situation, The Palace of Yogyakarta will hold “International Webinar & Workshop on Javanese Culture”. The event welcomes international academia to share their thoughts via four webinars. In addition to that, there will be online workshops that accommodate participants to learn handicraft and Javanese cuisines cooking technique. All events will be held for two hours every weekend in July 2021.

International webinar and workshop on Javanese culture that will be held in July 2021 is expected to coincide with summer break in few regions. It is hoped that Javanese communities, not only in Indonesia, but also in countries like The Netherlands, Suriname, Malaysia, Singapore, New Caledonia and beyond will be able to participate in. Within these communities, we can see some similarities in their cultural expression, such as traditions or habits, language, performing arts, as well as philosophies. Scholarly dialogues, workshops, discussions, and any other academic based events are needed to keep the values and appreciation towards Javanese culture well maintained. These activities have become possible to actualize during this pandemic with the support of technology.

Program Schedule

Webinars on Javanese Culture

17, 24, 31 July, 7 August 2021

1PM - 3PM

Webinar 1

Javanese Society Past and Present

Moderator — Andrias Ekoyuwono (Kumparan)

Opening Remark

HRH Prince Notonegoro of Yogyakarta

Javanese society in the past – Panji Tradition

Lydia Kieven — University of Bonn, Germany

Javanese society today

Dwi Ratna Nurhajarini — Indonesia/BPNB Yogyakarta

9AM - 11AM

Webinar 2

Preserving Historical Objects

Moderator — Bonie Triyana (Historia)

Opening Remark

HRH Princess Hayu of Yogyakarta

Preservation and study of wayang at Yale University

Matthew Cohen — Yale University, US

Curating historical objects in Indonesia

Mikke Susanto — Indonesia/ISI Yogyakarta

9AM - 11AM

Webinar 3

Revisiting Javanese Thinking

Moderator — Allisa Wahid (Gusdurian Network)

Opening Remark

HRH Princess Mangkubumi of Yogyakarta

Normative Piety and Mysticism

Mark Woodward — Arizona State University, US

Kawruh jiwa of Ki Ageng Suryomentaram

Prof. Koentjoro — UGM

1PM - 3PM

Webinar 4

State Banquet at The Sultanate of Yogyakarta

Moderator — Sophie Navita (Public Figure/Chef)

Opening Remark

HRH Princess Bendara of Yogyakarta

Symbols and protocols

Prof. Murdjiati Gardjito — Indonesia/UGM

Western ingredients in the Javanese cuisine

Jiri Jakl — Heidelberg University, Germany


Fadly Rahman — Indonesia/Unpad

Program Schedule

Workshops on Javanese Culture

18, 25 July, 1, 8 August 2021

9AM - 11AM

Workshop 1

Javanese Cuisine 1

Menu 1

Roti Jok

Menu 2

Manuk Nom

9AM - 11AM

Workshop 2

The Art of Janur (Coconut Leaves) Arrangement

9AM - 11AM

Workshop 3

Javanese Cuisine 2

Menu 1


Menu 2

Puding Kabinet

9AM - 11AM

Workshop 4

The Art of Banana Leaves Creation