Due to the imposition of restrictions on public activities, the International Symposium on Javanese Culture 2022 will be held through online platform

Symposium will be held on 8 March 2022, 01:30 p.m. GMT+7

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In 2022, for the commemoration of the Ascension to His Throne, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, The Palace of Yogyakarta is hosting an International Symposium and exhibiton with the theme of Jayapatra: Kasultanan Yogyakarta and Its Contributions to The Nation. Jayapatra means a victorious agreement, as in the agreements that has led the country toward its independence. This topic speaks largely about the history of Yogyakarta as a royal city that influenced the birth of the republic.

Within every session, we will relive the sectoral roles in which Yogyakarta played to take part in Indonesia's history. These sectors include education, social, politics, economy, and culture. This will be a great reminder for the extensive struggle in attaining the independence, as well as to embody various ways in maintaining the independence. We would like to wish you to be part of the memorabilia of Yogyakarta’s fight in maintaining Indonesia’s sovereignty.

Program Schedule

Kasultanan Yogyakarta and Its Contributions to The Nation


Zoom meeting begins
Welcoming remarks by HRH. Princess Hayu of Yogyakarta
Remarks from organizing committee
Keynote speech from Academic Reviewers
Royal Updates by HRH. Prince Notonegoro of Yogyakarta
Breakout room preparation
Presentations and Q&A in the breakout room

Breakout Topics


Eko Prawoto

Transformation of Heritage Architecture in Saujana Jeron Beteng, Yogyakarta

Dina Shafira Irawan & Laretna T. Adishakti

Tugu Yogyakarta Merentang Masa: Transformasi Bentuk dan Makna Golong-Gilig dan Pal Putih

Rizki Dwika Aprilian & Muhammad Naufal Fadhil

Selokan Mataram Pergulatan Kuasa Jepang dan Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX (1942-1945) dari Perspektif Teori Akses

Muhamad Alnoza


RW Widyarumeksa Budaya (Sumaryono)

Eksistensi Tari Srimpi Pandhelori Gaya Yogyakarta di DKI Jakarta


Gamelan Instruments From Kasultanan Yogyakarta to Japan in 1940

Masami Okabe

Gamelan Kangjeng Kyai Sekati Kasultanan Yogyakarta Dalam Perbandingan



B. Hengky Widhi

Tedhak Loji: Praktik "Konsolidasi" Politik Hingga Eskalasi Ekonomi Pada Pemerintahan Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono VII

Fajar Widjanarko

The Role of Keraton Yogyakarta to Local Wisdom Improvement During Nationalism Movement

R.M Pramutomo

Diplomasi Sang Raja: Kontribusi Kasultanan Yogyakarta Dalam Periode Awal Kemerdekaan Indonesia

Pratika Rizki Dewi



Bagongan Dialect in Social Media and Its Position in The Society: A Sociolinguistic Study

Nurvita Wijayanti & Panggio Restu Wilujeng

Tradisi Penyambutan dan Penghormatan Tamu di Keraton Yogyakarta Sebagai Bentuk Pola Relasi Pada Masa Pemerintahan Hamengku Buwono VII Dalam Naskah Koepija Djendralan

Clara Shinta Anindita Apriyadi & Mamlahatun Buduroh

Keraton dan Rekonsiliasi '65: Kontribusi Masjid Soko Tunggal Terhadap Perdamaian Bangsa (1972-1999)

Erik Muhammad R



Ajaran Filsafat Moral Tari Srimpi Pandhelori dan Joged Mataram Sebagai Pendidikan Olah Rasa dan Etika

Risa Kaizuka & Titik Agustin

Analisis Wacana Keteladanan Sikap Putri Keraton Yogyakarta: Keraton Inklusif Bukan Eksklusif

Endang Tri Irianingsih & W. Hendro Saputro

Peran dan Sumbangsih Keraton Yogyakarta Terhadap Lembaga Pendidikan Musik di Indonesia

R.M. Surtihadi

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